About William C. Spaulding and WilliamSpaulding.com

My name is William C. Spaulding. I am the author of all the articles on https://williamspaulding.com. Since this is a new site, there isn't much here right now. I also write all the articles on thismatter.com, which has more than 850 tutorials on personal finance, investments, and economics. I will mainly be using this website to provide information about my books, mostly about money, the same topics provided on my website, but my books will be how-to or self-help books rather than tutorials about money.

My Credentials

I am a financial writer who has been writing about financial topics since at least 2005. I have a degree in philosophy and business from Millersville University, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but most of my knowledge comes from constantly reading, writing, and thinking, and doing examples. I continually read textbooks, magazine articles, and other news sources about economics, personal finance, and investments. Unlike most other sites, I continually edit my articles to provide more or updated information and to make it clearer, especially when my readers alert me to mistakes or ambiguities. I also provide worked out examples for many of the articles. In my opinion, writing is the best education, because it forces you to think deeply about the topic, to research it thoroughly, and to ensure that it coheres with other principles and facts. I do sometimes disagree with the consensus and I will point out why I believe it is so, allowing you to decide if my argument has merit. I also get feedback from readers like yourself, pointing out mistakes, which I correct immediately — one of the many benefits of reading from a website rather than a book, even an ebook.

I provide many references to my topics, including to individual facts, such as points of law, where you can review that information instantly by clicking on the link, which will open in a new window. For instance, in my tax articles, I provide direct links to all the referenced IRS forms, their instructions, and direct links to many of the individual provisions of the tax code and to the numerous instructions and other publications provided by the IRS.

Another source of my knowledge, of course, is from personal experience, although it is, by necessity, much more limited than the many topics that I cover. Nonetheless, writing about many topics gives me a greater perspective and better insight into each individual topic, since they are interrelated.


At the bottom of every page, including this one, I provide an e-mail link so that if you want to respond to any page or to comment on it, you can do so by e-mailing me. I always appreciate constructive feedback.

I am also not on any of the social networks, because I do not have the time for general chitchat. Since I already do a lot of writing for my websites, it is much more tiring to also write extensively on social networks.

If you have any constructive comments or suggestions, please email them to me.